Best Drones for Filmmaking

Copter industry is on the rise and there are many models being released frequently. Among those models, there are drones that are dedicated to aerial filmmaking and photography to create high quality, amazing footage. If you are interested in buying one of such drones, here is a list of the best drones with amazing filmmaking quality:

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro

  • When it comes to drone photography and filmography, DJI needs no introduction. There are few companies that can stand on a par with this brand and there are few drones that can rival the amazing DJI Inspire 1 Pro. This is a top-quality product that provides its pilot with all the required tools to create stunning videos. With lots of cool features and a superb camera, this drone simply rocks.


    • Outstanding 16 MP camera that allows you to shoot in 4k
    • Arms lift for an unobstructed view
    • Automatized flight controls (points of interest, waypoint)
    • Great flight range and very good flight time

  • Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

  • Yuneec Typhoon H Pro is a hexacopter that offers several benefits such as increased altitude, higher speed, better flight stability, and more power to lift relatively more gear. This is a real professional’s copter and it has been designed to support high-powered filming gear and cameras. Equipped with Intel RealSense technology, Typhoon H Pro can avoid obstacles in automated flights and warns the pilot if it’s about to hit something.


    • 12 MP camera that allows you to film in 4k
    • Excellent speed, stability, and power
    • GPS assisted flight
    • Smart obstacle detection and collision prevention system
    • Can carry a lot of equipment
    • The gimbal prevents vibrations hence stabilizing the camera further
    • 8 smart flight modes, including auto takeoff, auto-return, and landing.

  • DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

  • DJI Phantom 4 is an upgraded version of Phantom 3 so it has many of the original features. It is a high-class copter that offers great many things to anyone wishing to take their aerial filmmaking to the next level. It also has new features. One of its innovative features is a built-in video editor which you can use to put in text, music, and create a video in video effect.


    • Excellent 12 MP stock camera that allows you to shoot in 4k
    • Built-in video editor
    • Familiar design
    • GoPro mount

  • Blade Chroma

  • Blade Chroma offers the best value for money when it comes to drones for filmmaking. This is because it is equipped with amazing features and costs about 1/4th of what DJI drones generally cost. As a result, the drone has quickly gained popularity amongst both beginners and professionals. This drone has basically made it possible for both groups of fliers to enjoy quality aerial filmmaking at a good price.


    • Powerful 12 MP camera that allows you to film at 1080p
    • Half an hour flight time
    • Several automatized flight features
    • Great price-to-performance ratio

    Final Thoughts

    These are some of the best drones for filmmaking. All these products are equipped with amazing features that allow you to make better quality content. The only thing left to say is this: choose the drone that suits you best and make sure to have fun creating art with it because in the end, that is what matters the most.

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