How to Make the Most Out of Small Studio Space with Lighting

Small studios and small spaces in general come with their own unique challenges. One of these challenges is to utilize the lighting properly. Fortunately, there are ways to use the lighting to make your studio feel more spacious. By making the most of lighting in your small studio, you can easily elevate the space and make its design feel more intentional. For this, you will need to blend together various artificial lighting methods and other creative devices.


The following are some tips to make the most out of small studio space with lighting:

Use Multiple Sources of Light

Don’t just rely on one central source of light. For small spaces such as small studios, it is always better to go for multiple light sources mainly because multiple sources of light distribute light that leaves no dark corners. In this way, the entire space is illuminated and feels spacious.

Use Recessed and Track Lighting for Support

This is a great way to further enhance the lighting in your small studio. Recessed lighting provides a sufficient amount of light while taking very little space, which makes it ideal for small studios with low ceilings. Furthermore, you can adjust the fixtures of track lighting in order to light all dark corners.


Choose Compact Lighting Fixtures for the Ceiling

Small studios don’t have room for bulky lighting fixtures. While you can use them, they will only make your studio feel more cluttered and compressed. Compact, flush lighting fixtures are certainly a better choice. However, if you really want to have something hanging from your studio’s ceiling, then it is recommended that you use slender pendants.


Light the Inside of Your Shelves

Apart from the intersection of walls, dark corners can also be seen inside and below shells. So, to make the most out of a small studio space with lighting, you will need to use LED strips to illuminate those dark areas. Apart from this, you can also use tiny track lights. Adjusting it properly will allow you to artistically illuminate the shelves in your studio.


Use Vertical Lighting Paths to Highlight Height

Vertical lighting paths are a great way to derive the viewer’s attention from your studio’s narrow width to its height. Because of this, your small studio would feel more spacious. You can create vertical paths via uplight wall sconces, table lamps, and long floor lamps. Avoid using downward lighting as it would give the opposite effect.


Use Backlighting for the Illusion of More Depth

Backlighting is not just used to eliminate darkness behind furniture and other objects, it also gives the illusion of more depth. Not to mention it also looks quite elegant. So, fix the strips for backlighting in your small studio behind screens, mirrors, and other objects of your choice.

Small studios have their own set of challenges, particularly in terms of lighting. However, it is possible to overcome them with a little creativity and knowledge. Consider some of the above-mentioned ideas to make the most out of a small studio space with lighting.

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