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Commencing their journey at the Miami Herald, this esteemed and award-winning group of photographers will be joining us to shed light on their humble beginnings, elaborate on their illustrious careers, and offer valuable insights into their tips and tricks for capturing the perfect shot!



Nikon ambassador | Communications director of the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens.

Seminar Title: “Storytelling: Pride of a Lion.”

Join Ron as he takes you for a walk on the wild side and shows you how photography is the most important tool that he has to connect people to wildlife. By capturing impactful images and weaving them into a visual narrative, there is no better way to tell an engaging and memorable story. He will focus on his recently published best-selling book, “The Pride of a Lion,” which will take you through the journey of “K’wasi,” a lion cub. It’s a story of grit, resilience, heartbreak and triumph, that is brought to life by images that tell of the life lessons that the animal kingdom can teach us. In addition, Ron will touch on other stories that images played a critical role in telling and how he was able to capture those images.

Celebrity photographer & jounalist | Pulitzer prize winner 

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith shares insights from his last 30 years as a editorial photographer as he moved from Pulitzer Prize-winning sports photographer to shooting celebrity portraits of Hollywood’s A-List. Smith will speak about both the art and commerce of editorial photography and what every artist needs to know about business of photography to remain in business. In this presentation, Smith will share ways to grab and keep the attention of photo editors and art directors; how shooting personal projects can promote your vision and land the jobs you’ll love to shoot; and ways to keep your portfolio and vision fresher than next year’s winner of The X Factor.
Workshop Title: “SECRETS OF GREAT PORTRAIT LIGHTING”  Celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith shares his use of lighting modifiers to control and shape light and shadow to create bold iconic portraits of Hollywood’s A-list. You’ll learn how to work quickly under pressure, on productions both small and large. Learn how to control the quality of light had how the choice between hard light and soft light allows you to control the mood. From his simple problem-solving approach to both sculpting light in the studio and how to overcome harsh daylight by blending strobe with ambient light on location, you’ll learn how to take cues from reality make the most of great light when you find it and to create it when you don’t. Smith will share celebrity portraits of from his books Art & Soul and Secrets of Great Portrait Photography to share ways that you can make everyone you photograph look and feel like a star.


Multi award-winning photo-jounalist 

Seminar Title: 
Empowering Through the Lens: Stephanie Sinclair's Journey in Documentary Photography and Advocacy 

 Acclaimed photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair will delve into the captivating world of conflict and social justice photography, while sharing the transformative power of visual storytelling can play in advocacy. Stephanie will take attendees through her remarkable journey, from capturing compelling narratives while covering conflicts in the Middle East to leveraging her photography as a catalyst for social change globally. Gain insights into the pioneering field programming Stephanie now oversees through her nonprofit Too Young to Wed, empowering some of the world's most at-risk girls through education and the art of photography. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's most influential


Documentary photographer | Pulitzer prizer finalist


Award winning documentary photographer Maggie Steber will share her photographic career spread over 72 countries covering storiesthat ranged from conflict in Africa and a thirty-year coverage of Haiti. These stories moved Maggie into National Geographic where shehas produced 15 stories, including a story of face transplants over three years which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Maggie has receivedmany awards and grants including a Guggenheim Foundation Grant in 2017. Maggie’s career includes stints as a photo editor at the Associated Press Photo in New York City and as the Director of Photography at the Miami Herald working with a talented photo staff. As photography has become more crowded in almost every corner, I want to share the experience and information I have learned during my career. My aim in sharing these stories is to inform people about the business of photography from both sides of the camera, and the variety of opportunities that can exist if you are willing to work hard.


Photo- journalist | Pulitzer prize winner 

Seminar Title:  ASSIGNMENT: MIAMI — Hurricanes, Hope & the New Global 
Drawing from a riveting body of work that spans three decades as a staff photographer at the Miami Herald, Pulitzer Prize winner Patrick Farrell shares a career of images shot at home and abroad. From natural disasters, conflict and human triumph in Florida, Haiti and Cuba to poverty and political change in Latin America, Farrell's photographs demonstrate how events across the globe reverberate as "local news" for one of the most diverse, ever-changing cities in America. 


Miami Advertising + Editorial Photographer

Seminar Title: Explorations on how to see color and light. 

Miami Advertising, editorial photographer and long-time Sports Illustrated cover photographer Jeffery Salter presents and explores how to apply light and color in your images as visual metaphors to capture evocative and creative portraits.

WORKSHOP TITLE: Steps to create a unique look through creative lighting in your portraits  

Miami Advertising, editorial photographer and long-time Sports Illustrated cover photographer Jeffery Salter, will show various techniques you can build upon to create your own style of portraits through lighting. 


Music and sports photographer | Canon Explorer of Light | Bon Jovi tour photographer

Seminar Title: Separate yourself from the pack 
Join Canon Explorer of Light David Bergman on the road with rock bands and at the biggest sporting events in the world. A consistent theme in David's work has been his ability to gain access and shoot events in an unconventional manner. He made some of his most famous photographs because he's willing to take chances and use technology to his advantage. He will inspire you to take more risks with your photography while telling the stories behind some of the high-impact images produced during his 30-year career as an action, portrait, and tour photographer for clients including Luke Combs, Bon Jovi, and Sports Illustrated. 
WORKSHOP TITLE:Rock and Roll Lighting Workshop with David Bergman 
Rock Band Rock and Roll Lighting Workshop with David Bergman Canon Explorer of Light David Bergman will show you how to produce a high-energy music portrait from start to finish. During this live shoot, David will take you through his process of working with subjects, camera settings, and lighting using small flashes for easy travel and setup. The skills you learn will translate into any kind of portrait photography.


News photographer | Pulitzer prize winner

Seminar Title: WAR ZONE - Ukraine & the Streets of America 

Four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, photojournalist Carol Guzy offers poignant reflections on her extensive coverage of the devastating civilian toll inflicted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the surging epidemic of gun violence in America. Journey with her as she illuminates the parallel struggles of civilians ensnared in conflict zones abroad and amidst the turmoil on home soil.  


Documentary Filmmaker / Photographer / Cinematographer / Director

SEMINAR & WORKSHOP TITLE: Elevating your filmmaking 
This workshop will enable filmmakers to develop a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process, inspiring considerable creative fulfillment and notable success with their professional and personal projects. During the workshop, we will discuss: developing and refining an idea, selecting the appropriate equipment and locations to execute that idea, and bringing your story to life in the edit. This will be an inspiring overview of the filmmaking process based on real world experience.
Participants are welcome to submit (1) one-minute sample of their project, which we may (time permitting) reference during our discussions. Please label your submissions: LAST NAME_PROJECT NAME. 
Submit HD files only, no longer than one minute, by Midnight on February 25th.
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Miami Herald photo-journalist 

the acclaimed Al Diaz takes the reins in directing our exclusive photography portfolio review! Elevate your craft with personalized insights and expert guidance from a seasoned professional. Al Diaz brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your work not only gets seen but also receives the attention it deserves. Don't miss this golden opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by a maestro in the field. Join us for an unforgettable experience that promises to propel your photography journey to new heights!

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