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Why We're the Best Camera Store in Miami

Company Strength 

If you are just finding out about AVC Photo Store & School, that does not mean we are new. We have been going strong since 1988. Even though we categorize ourselves as a small business, AVC Photo Store & School  have been blessed to experience exponential growth and we became South florida's biggest specialized camera store. Our friendly staff is here to assist all of our customers and fulfill their photography needs for the long haul.

Top-Notch Customer Service 

Our business is our way of life and we know that no business can survive without its loyal customers. We treat every customer like family, whether you are new to us or have been buying from us for years. Whilst the staff numbers of our store have grown over the years, our dedication and vision have remained. We believe in building long-term relationships, working with our customers, and offering a top-notch service experience.

Extensive Experience 

As mentioned above, AVC Photo Store & School is not our first rodeo. We have over 40 years of experience and over the years, we have fulfilled a wide variety of needs for our customers.

Continued Education 

At AVC Photo Store & School, we offer the classes, seminars, workshops that will help you get the best images from your new equipment. We also have a very experienced staff that can help you at any time.

Quality Products

At AVC Photo Store & School, we carry all major camera brands such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, FujiFilm, DJI, GoPro, Hasselblad, Lomography, Panasonic and many more. We are authorized retailers and only offer the best quality products.

Competitive Prices

Not only are our products high-quality, but they are also reasonably priced. Being authorized distributors allows us to offer our customers the best prices. Our quality products at competitive prices set us apart from other camera stores in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Customer Testimonials

Our success in this industry is directly related to our attention to detail and our over-the-top customer service.

Quality Products!

"Just discovered the store today and visited twice already (in the same day). Excellence in service, unbeatable product quality. Definitely the nerd-spot to keep on the list."

Alx Rivera / Google


"Super friendly staff. Mike was super helpful. I did a trade in for a new Sony lens. Got rid of two lenses I don’t use and made some more space for a reasonable price as well! Can only recommend this place."

Hurbert Haciski / Google

Friendly Staff!

"I purchased a Fuji XT2 with a 18-55 and a 50-140mm 2.8, I got to see and feel the product before buying. Great, friendly and helpful staff. Thanks AVC Photo Store & School!"

Roxana Rodriguez / Google


At AVC Photo Store & School, we carry all major camera brands such as…

About Us 

Miami camera store servicing local and national buyers of camera equipment and electronics.

Camera Store in Miami With Over 40 Years Of Experience.

AVC Photo Store & School is a family-owned photography and electronics store with over 40 years of experience in the electronics industry. We are a sizable retailer mainstay offering an array of cameras, cell phones and other electronics. AVC Store is home to Florida’s Largest Retail Camera store, carrying the most popular brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Hasselblad, DJI, Tamron, Sigma, Profoto & More. Our business dates as far as the 1970’s. Our main business was in Caracas, Venezuela. Our Miami operations were founded in 1988. Even though we are a small business, we pride ourselves in successfully serving our daily walk-in customers as well as our online buyers. We have over 20,000 customers in our database and over half of them are returning buyers that choose us to fulfill all of their photographic needs. Our premises include corporate offices, a showroom, a classroom and approximately a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility.

Our Skills 

We are a one-stop shop for all your camera & photography needs.

Shopping for cameras is not as easy as one might think. Before you research all of the wide variety of cameras available on the market, you should focus on which camera store is well-known and has the best reputation in your area and on the internet. It doesn’t matter how good the camera you want to buy is, if you choose the wrong camera store, you will have far from a satisfying shopping experience. You may end up purchasing the wrong camera and be denied an opportunity for an exchange or a refund. There could be other scenarios but the important thing is, you must choose a reputable photography shop so you can have a satisfying shopping experience. If you are looking for a reliable camera store in Miami, then look no further than AVC Photo Store & School. We are a one-stop shop for all your camera & photography needs.

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AVC Photo Store & School is here to provide you with more information, answers to any questions you may have and create effective solutions for all your photography needs. We look forwarding to hearing from you.

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