Angelbird 1TB AV Pro MK2 CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card (EOL)

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Designed for maximum sustained high-speed recording with video and photo cameras, the 1TB AV Pro MK2 CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card from Angelbird captures high bitrate raw video and photo files at 6K, 8K, and 12K+ resolutions. This card features a capacity of 1TB and uses the PCIe 3.0 x2 bus to deliver maximum read speeds of 1785 MB/s, maximum write speeds of 1550 MB/s, minimum sustained read speeds of 1785 MB/s, and minimum sustained write speeds of 1300 MB/s.

Compatible with devices that support CFexpress 2.0 Type B, Angelbird's AV Pro MK2 CFexpress 2.0 series has been engineered with protection against shock, vibration, overheating, and temperature extremes from 14 to 158°F. Included is hardware and software data recovery and a limited 3-year warranty. Please note that data recovery is provided for free, as long as your card is in warranty.

To receive the full limited warranty, the product needs to be registered on the Angelbird Personal Service Portal within 30 days after purchase.

General Features
CFexpress 2.0 Type B
Guaranteed sustained write speeds of 1300 MB/s for raw 12K+ productions
Y2 processor delivers exceptional processing power for raw video and photo production
Stable Stream technology supports uninterrupted read and write performance for smooth, drop-free results throughout the entire capacity of the card
Rock-solid build
Advanced Thermal Management helps protect the card against overheating
Adaptive Power Management helps improve the run time of your camera's battery
Host Power Loss Protection signals a safe shutdown to protect content in the event of a sudden power loss
Hardware and software data recovery service covers media that has encountered physical damage and/or software issues, such as data or file corruption