Celestron 44423 Digital Microscope Imager.
Celestron 44423 Digital Microscope Imager.
Celestron 44423 Digital Microscope Imager.

Celestron 44423 Digital Microscope Imager

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Celestron 44423 Digital Microscope Imager

For users ranging from students to forensics specialists, the Celestron 2MP Digital Microscope Imager provides an easy way to view specimens and capture images to your computer.

Using the included adapter ring, installation is as fast as removing the eyepiece (just one for stereo microscopes) and dropping the imager into the holder. By itself, the imager has a 100x power when viewing on a monitor, and its magnification can be increased by using different objectives on the microscope. For example, a 10x objective would yield a 1000x power while a 4x objective would produce 400x power.

The imager is powered by your computer's USB port via the permanently attached cable. The included software suite for Windows operating systems includes the device driver and control/capture S-Viewer program that features built-in measurement and marker tools so you can measure and make annotations of your specimen. If you're running Mac, the imager can be used as an external camera without the S-Viewer in conjunction with the Photo Booth or Quick Camera apps.

Camera Performance

  • Yields approximates 100x by itself and increases with different microscope objectives
  • 2MP 1/3.2" color CMOS imaging sensor
  • 2.8x2.8μm pixel size
  • Frame rates: 15 fps (1600x1200 resolution); 15 fps (1280x960 resolution); 30 fps (640x480 resolution)
  • Manual and automatic settings: Exposure, Gain, White balance

Use and Handling

  • Camera installs in place of the eyepiece
  • Permanently attached USB cable
  • Adapter ring included to fit onto 23.2 and 30mm eyepiece holders
  • Powered by computer USB 2.0 port
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 122°F
  • Compact and lightweight design

Computer Requirements

  • CD/DVD player to load included software
  • S-Viewer software allows you to control the camera and capture/save images to your computer, with built-in measurement and marking/annotation tools
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • S-Viewer software only for Windows systems; can be used on Mac as an external camera with Photo Booth or Quick Camera apps