SmallRig 3249 Mounting Baseplate for DJI RS2 Handheld Gimbal (EOL)

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SmallRig 3249 Mounting Baseplate for DJI RS2 Handheld Gimbal

Key Features
  • Adjustable Baseplate for DJI RS 2
  • Replaces Original Baseplate
  • Works with Original Manfrotto-Type Plate
  • Fits Cameras of Different Widths
  • Multiple 1/4"-20 Accessory Threads
  • Mounts onto RS 2 Arm with Locking Clamp
  • Width Adjusts with Quick Flip Lock
  • Also Fits Other Manfrotto-Type QR Plates
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

SmallRig 3249 Overview

Replace the original baseplate on your DJI RS 2 handheld gimbal with a more adjustable base with this Mounting Baseplate from SmallRig. The plate clamps onto the RS 2 arm using a locking knob, and it adjusts so you can mount cameras of different widths, from compact mirrorless cameras to wider cameras such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro.

The baseplate accepts the original Manfrotto-type camera quick release plate, or it can accept other standard SmallRig Manfrotto-type quick release plates. It adjusts to different sized cameras using a quick flip lock, so it is easy and painless to balance a larger camera. There are multiple 1/4"-20 threads along the plate to mount additional accessories, and it is also compatible with the DJI RavenEye transmission system.


DJI RS 2 handheld gimbal
Original DJI RS 2 Manfrotto-type plate
DJI RavenEye Image Transmission System

Also compatible with but not limited to:
SmallRig Manfrotto-Type Quick Release Plate 3061, 3158, and 3031
SmallRig Power Bank Holder 2336 and 2790
SmallRig Mini V-Mount Battery Plate 2987