Yongnuo YN9000 3200-5600K LED Light Panel

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Yongnuo YN9000 3200-5600K Led Light Panel

Yongnuo's video and photo components are trusted by professionals and beginners alike because of their ability to produce high-quality stuff at a great pricepoint, and this LED-powered lighting unit is no exception.

It boasts a blinding 900-LED, 7200-lumen output that's fully adjustable in both brightness and color temperature, relying on Yongnuo's excellent digital dimming encoder to provide smooth output changes. Additionally, the brand uses a high-tech LED driver that delivers power evenly and consistently to every single LED, which helps eliminate center-heavy lighting and other flawed effects. The remote control for the YN900 is improved over prior generations of this light, allowing for color, brightness, and balance controls as well as the use of a mobile phone or laptop as a controller--with a range of nearly 100 feet via Bluetooth 4.0.

This lighting system runs on NP-F battery packs or external DC power, and can be plugged into an AC adapter for extended use, with a fan-powered cooling system to avoid overheating. A diffuser and color-temp plate are also included.

Yongnuo YN-900 Features

  • Mobile app and dedicated remote control allow for control over brightness, color temperature, and white balance compensation
  • The unit is fan-cooled, which allows for longer use at higher settings without risk of overheating
  • 900 high-quality LED beads used; 7,800-lumen output
  • Yongnuo LED driver technology provides evenly-distributed power to every single LED bead for smooth, consistent lighting performance
  • Digital dimming encoder allows for smooth adjustments and fine-tuning to get the perfect levels of brightness and color temperature