How to Create a Zoom Blur Effect?

Jun 03, 2022

Zoom Blur Effect

A zoom blur effect basically gives the illusion of looking through a tunnel where everything in your peripheral is blurry. You can use a zoom blur effect to exaggerate movement or produce creative blur in your images. Zoom blur photos are a great way to direct the viewer’s eye as their center is sharp as compared to their corners.

What are the tips to create a zoom blur effect?

Below mentioned are the tips to create a zoom blur effect:

Choose the Right Lens
Using the right lens is the first step in creating a zoom blur effect. Unfortunately, prime lenses cannot be used to produce this effect because they have a fixed focal length. The good news is, you can use your kit lens to get the job done. It is ideal for zoom blurs as it allows you to zoom in and out. Typical kit lenses usually have variable focal lengths. Consider using a larger zoom lens if you want the blur to look more prominent.

Shoot in Manual Mode
Manual mode allows you to choose your shutter speed and aperture rather than the camera doing it for you. To use the right setting, follow this guideline: start with 1 second for shutter speed and f/22 for aperture if its bright outside. If it’s dark, then use 2 seconds for shutter speed and f/20 for aperture. If the lighting still seems off, lower the values. Once you get the exposure right, you are ready to start shooting.

Use a Slow Shutter Speed
When it comes to creating a great zoom blur effect, twisting the zoom lens alone is not enough. Using slow shutter speed is the real secret in producing this effect. Slow shutter speeds allow you to record movement as a blur and the light registers as bursts in the image when you zoom in with your lens. To produce the zoom blur effect, setting your shutter speed between 1 to 5 seconds is usually enough.

Stick to Small Apertures
Since you are using a slow shutter speed and your exposure time lasts briefly, you will want to limit the light coming in. Because if you don’t, you will get overexposed photos, particularly in daytime. Using smaller apertures e.g. f/16-f/22 is the solution. These values are sufficient to allow you to use slow shutter speeds without making your photos overexposed.

Keep Your Subject in the Center
When you create a zoom blur effect, only the center is going to be in focus. That’s why you will want to place your subject there. Feel free to take test shots to make sure you are in the right spot when taking photos of a static subject. For moving objects, it is recommended to set the focus to infinity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q: How do you make a motion blur background? 

A: To use motion blur well, three factors must be present: shutter speed, illumination, and camera steadiness. 

Slow down the shutter speed.  

Motion blur necessitates a longer exposure time. 

Be Aware of Lighting... Keep your camera steady. 

Q: What is the zoom burst effect? 

A: Zoom burst is a photographic technique that may be used with zoom lenses that include a manual zoom ring. The technique entails zooming while the shutter is open at a relatively slow shutter speed, often less than 1/60 of a second. As a result, low light or tiny apertures are necessary. 

Q: What is background blur video called? 

A: Using Kapwing's automated blur background function, you can blur the backdrop in video, often known as the Bokeh Effect. 

Learning how to create a zoom blur effect can be tricky. It can take a while for you to get used to the twisting motion with your lens. If you are not careful, you might throw off your focus. So, it is highly recommended that you practice before you take a photo.

Creating a zoom blur effect is a useful technique for all kinds of photography. It adds action to sports photos, creates an abstract feel to cityscapes, and more. The next time you want to create a zoom blur effect, keep the above-listed tips in mind to get a quality result.

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