5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Tripod

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Tripod

There are virtually endless amounts of gear you can use to enhance your photography. This includes light meters, lenses, reflectors, ring lights, filters, and more. However, there is one very important piece of equipment a lot of photographers usually forget to use: a tripod. This simple piece of equipment is highly useful and it can open many new doors into different kinds of photography.

The following are 5 reasons why you should use a tripod:

  1.     Stability

This is one of the primary reasons tripods are widely used. They give you stability that other types of camera gear don’t. The three legs ensure that there is no camera shake and the equipment is stable. Many forms of photography (e.g. landscape photography) require the camera to be stable to get dramatic, clear shots that capture the key elements like changing skies and distant settings. Camera shake can lead to blurred, out-of-focus photos and the longer you hold the camera in your hand, the more chances of it being shaky. So, having a tripod is extremely beneficial in such scenarios.

  1.     Control

Camera control is one of the backbones of good photography and anything that gives you better control over your camera is surely going to help you take better pictures. A tripod offers you control over your framing, control over perspective, and freedom of movement – all of which are the biggest advantages of using it.

  1.     Sharper Pictures

Your pictures are guaranteed to come out much sharper if you use a tripod. Other than the photographer’s own intent to show that the subject is moving, a blurred photo is almost always a flop. This occurs because of the lack of stability on the photographer's part. A tripod ensures comfort and stability, and the pictures you can take while using one turns out much better.

  1.     Patience Made Easy

Similar to having control over your camera, a tripod also gives you the ability to be patient. Whether you are on top of a mountain taking a long exposure shot of the night sky or you are belly flat in the middle of nature trying to capture a scenic moment, a tripod allows you to focus on your shot without worrying about manually keeping your camera in one awkward position for ages.

  1.     Relief

When it comes to travel photography, you usually spend a lot of time holding your camera trying to take the perfect shot. Carrying your camera for that long can be tiring. If you shoot mainly with heavy lenses, then it becomes even more straining. That weight can ultimately wear you down and make it hard for you to do your work. In such cases, a tripod provides the necessary relief so you don’t have to deal with exhaustion from holding the camera and hence you are always ready to take better pictures.

These are some of the top reasons to use a tripod. While it can sometimes seem easier not to take a tripod with you, it is essential if you want to capture the best possible picture at the best possible time.


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