Should you buy the Sony A7 III?

Should you buy the Sony A7 III?

Sony’s A7 series has always been popular among professionals and enthusiasts alike, particularly since it offers enthusiasts (who like mirrorless cameras) a practical full-frame camera option. Alpha A7 III is a well-rounded camera that is suitable for both photo and video applications in a wide range of working situations.

Regardless of whether you shoot portraits, sports, travel, wild lift, or landscapes, the A7 III has a lot to offer. Following are 5 things we love about this camera:

1. Design

The Alpha A7 III maintains the overall look of the Sony A7 series, the one that it has had since A7 II. However, thanks to the new features, A7 III takes more after the A7R III in appearance.

The top of the A7 III has the usual features i.e. the shutter/power button combo, mode dial, two buttons for custom functions, exposure compensation dial, and a hotshoe. There are series of usual Sony buttons on the back of the camera. The bottom, right, left, and the front of the camera are all similar to that of the Sony A7R III. However, it includes USB Type C, dual SD card slots, and Sony’s beefy Z type batteries. Overall, the design is one of the best things about Sony A7 III. It is pleasant from an ergonomic standpoint and feels really good in the hands.

2. Ease of Use

If you are experienced with Sony products, then the A7 III will be pretty easy to use for you. The menu system is almost identical to that of A7R III. And even if you have never used a Sony camera before, it will only take you about 30 minutes to get familiar with the basic functions and features of Sony Alpha A7 III. What we love about this camera is how simple it is to get high quality shots by seamlessly changing various features e.g. ISO, shutter speeds, etc. Sony has done a great job here

3. Autofocus

The Alpha A7 III has an all-new autofocus system that is easily considered as one of the most capable autofocus systems in mirrorless cameras today. The phase detection autofocus points cover full frame and using the camera in Continuous autofocus will almost always give you the fastest performance. Furthermore, the ‘Wide’ autofocus area does a great job when shooting videos as well. All in all, the autofocus of Alpha A7 III performs, and it performs well

4. Image Quality

This is another aspect of the A7 III that we love. The A7 III is among the best low-light cameras on the market. It has the best JPEG image sharpening and noise reduction features. You will see excellent dynamic range, improved colors, and skin tones. Considering all this, you will surely be happy with the image quality of A7 III

5. Battery Life

Battery life was one of the weaknesses of A7 II. However, this is not the case with A7 III. The battery life of this camera is evaluated to convey about 710 shots for one charge when using the LCD. This is promising and it is likely that the battery won’t run out during a session. Still, if you want to be on the safe side, then it is recommended that you purchase a second battery.

Simply put, the Sony Alpha A7 III is a compelling combination of capability and value. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or professional, this camera is more than capable of satisfying your varied needs.

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