Ansmann 5035352/01 Max E Rechargable Battery 2xC 4500mAh

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This is just about the highest capacity 'D' cell battery you can get. The Ultra High Capacity 10,000mAh 'D' cell NiMH rechargeable battery from the award winning manufacturer, Ansmann.

These high performance rechargeable batteries are the optimum source for all modern electrical equipment: Digital cameras, MP3 playes, electronic toys and last, but not least, torches. These batteries are not only good for the environment, they are also good for the purse. One rechargeable battery is able to replace hundreds of alkaline batteries.

Another advantage is that equipment with extremely high current demands such as digital camera flashes, work faster and longer with rechargeable batteries than any type of alkaline battery.

If you continuously charge NiCad batteries when they less than fully discharged, they will eventually develop a memory and their capacity will diminish. NiMH batteries do not develop memory effect.

  • Pre–charged batteries: just unwrap, insert and use
  • Designed to supply higher current
  • Fast rechargeable
  • Application range includes digital cameras, torches, MP3 players, radios, portable CD players, etc.
  • After each charge, they are ready to use for up to one year
  • Perfect for nearly all applications
  • Supplied in packs of 2 ‘D' cell; 10000mAh