ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.
ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B.

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B

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ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B

Key Features
  • ALEXA Mini LF Body with LPL Lens Mount
  • PL-to-LPL Lens Adapter, 19mm Rod Support
  • MVF-2 Viewfinder, 2 x VF Cables
  • B-Mount Power Splitter Box, Power Cable
  • 2 x 1TB Codex Drives, CCH-2 Top Handle
  • MAP-2 Plate, CBP-1, 12" Dovetail Plate
  • MSB-2 & MSB-3 Side Brackets
  • RAB-1, RAB-2 & RMB-3 Brackets

The ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set B from ARRI pairs the LPL-mount, large-format 4K camera with a selection of essential accessories including a B-Mount Power Splitter Box for powering them. This 19mm rod-compatible kit comprises the PL-to-LPL lens adapter, two 1TB Codex drives, an MVF-2 viewfinder, side and rear brackets, accessory and bridge plates, the splitter box, a CCH-2 top handle, a power cable, and two viewfinder cables.

ARRI PL-to-LPL Lens Adapter

The ARRI PL-to-LPL Lens Adapter enables you to attach a PL-mount lens to the ARRI ALEXA LF camera. Compatible with any PL-mount lens, Super 35 or full-frame, this adapter can be securely fastened to your lens without the use of tool

ARRI Codex Compact Drive 1TB

The compact Codex Compact Drive 1TB from ARRI is a durable, industrial-style SSD compatible with the ALEXA Mini LF camera. The drive's full 1TB capacity is available for recording both ARRIRAW and ProRes without the need to reformat or switch drives.

The compact drive works without a driver or license and features a sustained write speed of up to 8 Gb/s. Using a Compact Drive Adapter allows you to mount the drives on an existing SXR Capture Drive Dock (Mac only), or any other SXR Capture Drive hardware from Codex.

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Multi Viewfinder MVF-2

Offering simultaneous use of its high-resolution OLDED viewfinder and its 4" flip-out monitor, the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 is truly a multifunctional unit. Two control dials (one on each surface of the monitor) enable the MVF-2 to be used on either side of the camera, providing the operator or assistant control as best suits your shot. Both the OLED EVF and the monitor feature upgrades from the MVF-1, including the ability to detach the eyepiece from the monitor unit.

The MVF-2's high-resolution, high-contrast monitor features the same OLED as the ALEXA LF EVF-2, providing matched views when using both cameras at the same time. The ARRICAM-style optical eyepiece incorporates a large exit pupil, providing more leeway for the operator's head movements while still viewing the image. A built-in eyepiece heater can be activated to defog your view when it's cold or muggy; this cable-less function will clear the eyepiece in all but the absolute coldest temperatures.

A new viewfinder cable incorporates keyless, easy-to-attach CoaXpress connectors; cables are available up to 33' long for remote control and viewing. The 4" monitor can be flipped out to the side, folded back with its screen visible, or folded flat for single-operator use. The MVF-2 monitor's tilting function and high daylight visibility provide convenient viewing in almost any situation.

Simultaneous operation enables the MVF-2 to provide a view for your camera assistant or director while the camera operator is using the OLED eyepiece. A single operator can use the monitor's camera control dial while viewing through the EVF or the monitor as they choose. Operator-suggested design improvements include a headphone jack for monitoring audio and a slide-out card for jotting down camera notes or actor/character names.

Combination Eyepiece & Monitor Unit

Eyepiece & Monitor Combo

This multiview unit combines a high-contrast OLED EVF with a 4" flip-out monitor; both can be viewed simultaneously. The OLED display is the same as the one used in the ALEXA LF EVF-2, providing a uniform view when using both cameras. Choose between displaying your image or the camera menu on the flip-out monitor.

CoaXpress Cable

The flexible CoaXpress viewfinder cable is keyless, attaching and detaching quickly. Support is offered for cables up to 33', enabling you to use the MVF-2 for viewing or control away from the camera.

Eyepiece Heater

Heating elements attached directly to the eyepiece glass provide critical defogging in cold or humid conditions. This efficient cable-free solution will defog the eyepiece in all but the coldest environments.

ARRICAM-Style Eyepiece

A wide exit pupil on this ARRICAM-style eyepiece provides greater viewing flexibility when keeping your eye on the eyepiece during more athletic camera moves.

Works on Both Sides of the Camera

Dual control dials enable the MVF-2 to be used on either the camera operator or the assistant's side of the camera, whether the monitor is flipped open or lying flat.

Created with Operator Input

A slide-in card, useful for jotting down camera settings or talent/character names, is one of several design features incorporated into the MVF-2 which were suggested by camera operators.