ARRI Full Double Scrim for Arrilite 2000 (10")

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This is a Full Double Scrim for the ARRI Arrilite 2000 or any other fixture that accepts a 10" accessory. Scrims are metal screens mounted in a metal frame. They are placed in front of a light to reduce light intensity.

There are four different types of scrims:

  • Full Single: This scrim covers the entire lightface and reduces the intensity of the entire light beam.
  • Full Double: This scrim covers the whole face of the light. It has two metal screens in it, reducing light intensity by two times the amount of the full single.
  • Half Single: This scrim only covers half of the lightface reducing half of the light intensity.
  • Half Double: This scrim is the same as the half single but reduces light intensity twice as much.


Half scrims may be rotated in position for more precise control.