Benro A1683TS2PRO Travel Angel Aero Video Tripod Kit w/S2Pro Head

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Benro A1683TS2PRO Travel Angel Aero Video Tripod Kit W/S2Pro Head

The Aero 2 PRO Aluminum Travel Video Tripod with Twist Locks, featuring aluminum tripod legs, is one of Benro's most compact tripods, designed for travel and easy storage and carry. Although small, it offers a substantial height range of 21.3 to 66.5" with the center column extended. The legs are easily locked and released via twist locks on each of the three stages of this 4-section tripod.

The Aero 2 PRO is built for compact cameras and supports payloads up to 5.5 lb. It offers vertical tilt movement and a full 360° pan range, and it has independent pan and tilt locks, so you can set your camera into a locked position when you need to. The tripod legs are adjustable into multiple preset angles.

Convertible to Monopod

The Aero 2 PRO can also be converted into a monopod. One of the tripod legs is removable and can be combined with the center column to turn the system into a monopod, which can be useful in many mobile applications. To set it up this way, simply remove the tripod head along with the center column, unscrew one of the tripod legs, and attach it to the center column.

Reversible Folding Design

The Aero 2 PRO has a reversible design wherein the tripod legs fold back when you're ready to pack the tripod away. When the tripod is reversed this way, the folded length becomes only 21".

Quick Release Camera Plate

An included camera plate features a standard 1/4"-20 mounting screw for attaching your camera.

Spiked and Rubber Feet

The tripod feet have rubber footpads on them, but these can be removed to reveal native spiked feet. Between these two foot types, you can securely use the tripod on smooth surfaces as well as soft ground.

Left/Right Pan Bar Mounts

A pan bar is also included and can be attached to either the left- or right-side rosette mount for your choice of left- or right-handed operation.