FotodioX Ninja Complete Universal & Magnetic Smartphone Accessories Kit

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FotodioX Ninja Complete Universal & Magnetic Smartphone Accessories Kit

Key Features
  • For Most Any Smartphone or Tablet
  • Enhance Content with 4 Different Inserts
  • Connects Magnetically to Your Phone
  • Plates Included for Non-Magnetic Phones
  • 55mm Insert with 5-Pack of Filters
  • Mirage Mirror Insert Add Reflections
  • Macro Insert with 20x Macro Lens
  • Lens Hood Insert Shields Your Lenses
  • Adjustable for Portrait or Landscape
  • Flexible Hood for Clear Window Shots

Get creative and dramatically alter your mobile content with the Ninja Complete Kit for Smartphones from FotodioX. The Complete Kit includes a magnetic core holder, four different inserts, a 20x macro lens, five filters, a flexible window hood, a pair of metal plates, and a zippered case to keep everything organized. It all starts with the core holder that magnetically attaches to the back of your phone. If your phone's not magnetic, you can attach one of the included metal plates using adhesive or slip it in between your phone and case. It can even work on the back of a tablet.

The holder is made of solid anodized aluminum with a pad to protect your phone from scratches. As everything is magnetically attached to the back of your phone, you can easily adjust the holder to compensate for portrait or landscape shooting. Unlike clip-on products, this doesn't cover any part of your phone's display.

55mm Filter Insert

With this insert you can utilize nearly any threaded 55mm camera filter, such as the five filters included with the Complete Kit.

  • Multicoated Circular Polarizer: This helps to reduce reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, as well as increase color saturation and contrast.
  • Star Filter: Add a starburst effect when shooting specular (point) light sources. It's ideal for night scenes, jewelry, and wedding photography.
  • Grad Neutral Density: A gradual gradient fades from a +2 stop to clear in one filter. This lets you handle differing foregrounds and backgrounds in a single image, such as with real estate or landscapes.
  • Neutral Density: You get an ND8 and ND32 neutral density filter. Both reduce the amount of light coming into your phone lens, letting you shoot at slower shutter speeds. The ND8 reduces light by 3 stops, while the ND32 reduces light by 5 stops.

Mirage Mirror Insert

Place this insert near your phone's camera to add a "body of water"-style reflection effect to what you're shooting. Use the effect for creative purposes or practical ones, such as replacing a portion of a scene that's undesirable with a reflection of what is.

20x Macro Lens Insert

Get detailed extreme close-up shoots with this insert and the included 20x macro lens that attaches to it. The glass elements of the lens help with correcting unwanted lens distortion. Use it for flora and fauna, tiny text, or anything you want to make visible that's normally hidden from the naked eye.

Lens Hood Insert

Whether it's simply very bright out or the sun's at the worst possible angle, this insert will place a hood over your camera to help shade it from unwanted light sources.

Flexible Window Hood

While not an insert, this included accessory does let you take clear pictures through windows and other reflective glass partitions. The large, gusseted silicone hood has three suction cups that attach to a glass surface. Simply slide your phone's corner cameras into the opening to snap photos and record videos that are free from reflections and glare. The flexibility of the silicone gives you the added benefit of being able to angle your phone for the perfect shot. It's helpful in many different situations, such as shooting through the windows of your home, at the zoo, at the museum, and from observation decks.