Godox QRP120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox, 120cm (Includes Grid)

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Godox QRP120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox, 120Cm (Includes Grid)

Godox QR-P120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox
The Godox quick release parabolic softbox adopts an impressive quick release system for rapid setup and breakdown. Highly versatile and compatible, it provides you reliable light quality and various creative expressions. This fast and easy to use softbox is an ideal companion for your indoor and on location shootings.

Create Your Own Lighting
This softbox has a reflective silver interior to render a punchy high contrast and crispy light. The removable inner and front fabric diffusers offer you different light softening options to get the perfect look you like. Compatible with a wide range of Bowens mount strobes and continuous lights, this softbox can also be used with Godox or Profoto light sources when a corresponding speed ring (not included) is used.

Effortless Setup
This softbox is extremely easy to open and close. For effortless setup, simply lift the rods from the speed ring until they click in place. Most photographers will lift two opposing rods simultaneously, considerably speeding up the process and saving time. While for quick breakdown, you can simply lift the rod slightly while pushing its button, then you can pack to next job.