Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens (Cine) F/Arri PL

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Key Features
  • Full-Frame | f/14 to f/40
  • Focus and Aperture Gears for Cine Use
  • Unique Probe Design for Close-Up Work
  • 2:1 to Infinity Magnification
  • Min. Focus: 1.5'; Working Distance: 0.8"
  • Built-In LED Ring Light, Micro-USB Power
  • Long Lens Barrel, Small Front Diameter
  • Waterproof Front Lens Barrel
  • ED and High Refractive Index Elements


Described as "weird but genius," the ARRI PL-mount Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens from Venus Optics is a truly unique lens designed for close-up shooting. Distinguished by its long and slender lens barrel, this macro lens provides a 2:1 maximum magnification with a 1.5' minimum focusing distance and a close 0.8" minimum working distance. Even with such a close working distance, the lens measures 1.3' long, placing you at a comfortable distance to photograph nearby subjects. Also, as a wide-angle lens, greater depth of field is afforded when compared to traditional telephoto macro lenses, allowing for greater detail in the background with less subject isolation.