Light & Motion CLx10 LED Photo Kit

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Light & Motion CLx10 LED Photo Kit

Key Features
  • CLx10 5600K LED Light with Barndoors
  • EL Wireless Remote Control
  • Profoto Adapter, YS Mount, Stand Mount
  • Protective Port
  • Dome Diffuser and 3" Gel Holder
  • High Leverage Handle
  • 25° Fresnel and 50° Optic
  • Press-On 82mm Modifier Interface
  • Large CL Action Kit Soft Case

Featuring an expansive list of modifiers, Light & Motion has put together this CLx10 LED Photo Kit to enable image makers to get the absolute best performance out of the included CLx10 Daylight LED fixture. The kit includes four-way barndoors, YS and stand mounts, a 3" gel filter holder, dome diffuser, High Leverage Handle, an AC power supply, an adapter that allows the use of Profoto OCF accessories, and another adapter that lets you use 82mm Light & Motion modifiers. A 50º optic is included to narrow the light's 120º beam spread, and a 25º Fresnel attachment is provided to narrow it further. While you can make adjustments on the fixture, you can also do it at distances up to 606' with the included 20-channel wireless EL Remote Control. It all fits in the large CL Action Kit soft case.

Light & Motion CLx10 LED Light

The CLx10 LED Light from Light & Motion is a lightweight, compact, and powerful light source that can provide up to 10,000 lumens for up to 55 minutes with its built-in battery. Alternatively, the CLx10 features the ability to indefinitely deliver full output using its included AC adapter. For applications that do not require full power, the LED light can be adjusted to a minimum of 500 lumens for up to 15 hours.

Measuring 3.3 x 8" and weighing 2.7 lb, the CLx10 has a daylight 5600K color balance that can be tungsten-converted with optional snap-on filters. It has a CRI rating of 93 and TLCI rating of 94, indicating advanced accuracy in color rendering. The light's expansive 120° beam angle can be modified with optional 25 and 50° lenses. The rugged fixture has an IP54 rating, making it weatherproof and resistant to impact damage from a height of 3.28'.

The CLx10 is dimmable on the fixture or remotely at distances up to 606' with the optional EL Remote Control. The CLx10 comes with a stand mount, a High-Leverage Handle for quick adjustments, and an adapter that allows you to use Profoto OCF modifiers.

Direct Light Source

The CLx10 positions the light source directly behind modifying optics to eliminate optical inefficiencies or multi-shadow effects.

Compatible Modifiers

The light can be adapted to an optional full suite of direct-mount and press-on light-shaping tools that are compatible with leading light modifiers from Elinchrom, Profoto, Bowens, and Westcott.

Bayonet-Style Bezel

The bayonet-style bezel secures Elinchrom softboxes, and the included Profoto adapter ring provides a mounting solution for other soft light solutions.

Integrated Umbrella Holder

The mount features an integrated umbrella holder. It can secure to a C-stand. It is also well suited for handheld operation.

Built-In Battery

The built-in high-capacity battery is ideal for location shooting, allowing the CLx10 to run completely cord-free at a full 10,000-lumen output for 55 minutes, and an impressive 15 hours at 500 lumens.


Plug the CLx10 into an AC power source for unlimited, full 10,000-lumen output.

Optional Wireless Remote Control

Easily adjust beam intensity and runtime with the button interface or wirelessly with an optional EL Remote Control.

Shock and Weatherproof

The professional build quality can withstand 3.28' drops, while the IP54 weatherproof rating allows for predictable performance in unpredictable weather.

Light & Motion EL Remote Control for Stella Pro RF LED Lights

Operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency, the Elinchrom EL Remote Control for Stella Pro RF LED Lights from Light & Motion can wirelessly turn the lights on or off, as well as control the light intensity at distances up to 656'. The remote features 20 channels to avoid interference with other shooters, and its four groups allow for multiple setups. The EL Remote runs on an integrated Li-Po (lithium-atom polymer) battery that's capable of 16 hours of continuous transmission before requiring a two-hour charge via USB.

Light & Motion Dome Diffuser DM

Created to produce soft, omni-directional light using the Stella Pro RF, Stella Pro, and Stella 2000 LED fixtures, the Dome Diffuser DM from Light & Motion widens the beam angle and diffuses the output of these lights. The dome must be used with the separately-purchased Barndoor Modifier 82mm with Direct Mount and can be used with third-party softboxes to further soften light output.

Light & Motion 4-Way Barndoors for Stella 2000 and 5000 LED Light Heads

The 4-Way Barndoors for Stella 2000 and 5000 LED Heads from Light & Motion allows you to control and shape the light beam of these fixtures while containing spill light. The robust press-on design mounts quickly and securely onto the Stella face bezel and features the DM (Direct Mount) interface which allows additional DM light modifiers to be attached.

Light & Motion 50-Degree Optic DM

Providing a smooth beam with gentle fall-off, the 50-Degree Optic DM from Light & Motion tightens the 120-degree beam angle of the Stella Pro RF, Stella Pro, and Stella 2000 to 50 degrees for selective lighting. Use requires the separate purchase of the Barn Doors Light Modifier with Direct Mount (DM). Alternately, the 50-Degree Optic can be used in combination with Elinchrom light shaping tools or third-party softboxes to further soften their light output.

Light & Motion Fresnel Lens for Stella 2000 and 5000 LED Lights

The Light & Motion Fresnel Lens for Stella 2000 and 5000 LED Lights narrows the beam angle and creates a focused look with high contrast and sharp shadows. The lens has a press-on design for fast attachment or detachment.

Light & Motion Press-On Modifier Interface for CLx LED Light

Featuring fast twist-lock mounting and removal, the Press-On Modifier Interface for CLx LED Light from Light & Motion allows the CLx to use 82mm Stella CL modifiers including barndoors, the 25-degree Fresnel lens, and the Speedring Gel Holder.