Matthews 249566K VRIG S30 Spherical Camera Kit

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Matthews 249566K VRIG S30 Spherical Camera Kit

The Matthews VRig S30 Kit is a professional-grade VR camera rig support system designed to let you leave your VR setup unattended. At the same time, it's also designed to have a small footprint that minimizes the nadir hole and shadow obstruction. The kit features the VRig S30 stand, which supports up to 30 lb. The stand is height-adjustable on a slim, vertical riser from 26 to 65", so it can accommodate both sitting and standing first-person perspectives.

What allows the stand to have a small footprint yet stable support is a barbell weight retainer on the bottom center, where you can attach standard and Olympic optional weights. The barbell weight keeps the center of gravity very low to the ground and thus sufficiently reduces tipping. Alternatively, for use on non-porous surfaces, such as stages and basketball courts, an optional Matthews Pump Cup can be installed in place of the weight to suction-lock the stand in place. Or, an optional Matthews Auger Spike can be used instead to screw the stand into soft surfaces like sand or dirt. Supplied with the kit is a black elastic leg skirt that attaches around the entire lower part of the stand to cover the weight, legs, and any accessories you may have there, providing for a neat appearance.