Nanlite BTBGXLR4 V-Mount Battery Grip with 4-Pin XLR Connector for Forza 150

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Nanlite BTBGXLR4 V-Mount Battery Grip with 4-Pin XLR Connector for Forza 150

Key Features
  • V-Mount Battery Grip for Forza 150 LED
  • For 14.8 and 26V Batteries with D-Tap
  • Locking XLR Connector
  • Handgrip with Integrated 5/8" Receiver

The V-Mount Battery Grip with 4-Pin XLR Connector from Nanlite allows the Forza 150 LED Monolight to be used completely untethered either handheld or mounted to a stand with the built-in 5/8" receiver. It has an attachment mount for a single, separately available V-Mount battery. A built-in D-Tap cable connects to a 14.8 or 26V battery, and a locking, female 4-pin XLR connector is also built-in to connect to the Forza 150. This lets the Forza 150 to be used on battery power without requiring to use the separate battery/AC adapter box. The grip allows creative handheld lighting techniques to be used, in addition to the Forza 150 to mount on stand as an ultracompact, all-in-one, battery-powered fixture.

Built for Forza 150 LED Monolight

This V-Mount battery grip converts the Forza 150 LED Monolight from a stand-mounted LED fixture to one that can move with the action, opening up new creative possibilities. A built-in ergonomic handgrip allows moving freely with the Forza 150, and an integrated 5/8" receiver lets it quickly attach to any standard light stand. Having the battery and a light together on this handgrip makes the fixture as compact as possible for fast-paced production work.

Compatible with 14.8 and 26V V-Mount Batteries

The Nanlite V-Mount Battery Grip is compatible with 14.8 and 26V V-Mount batteries that feature a D-Tap connector.

Locking XLR Connector

A locking female XLR connector attaches securely to the power input on the Forza 150 LED monolight. The locking mechanism helps to avoid unwanted power interruptions.