Nanlite Fabric Barndoors and Grid for PavoTube II 30C LED Tube Light

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Key Features
  • T12 Mounting Compatibility
  • Minimizes Spill Light
  • Adds Directional Control
  • Beam Angle: 180° to Less than 5°
  • 45° Grid Enables Selective Lighting
  • Keeps Diffused Light Quality
  • Allows Access to the Light's Display
  • Durable Nylon Material
  • Folds Flat for Portability
  • Includes Bag for Storage & Transport

These Fabric Barndoors and Grid from Nanlite are designed to be used with the brand's PavoTube II 30C LED tube light. They run the full length of the tube to direct the light output while controlling spill light. Made from durable nylon, these fabric pieces fold flat for easy storage and transportation. A carry bag is also supplied for convenience.

Control Light Spill
Equip your PavoTube II 30C LED tube light with the adjustable fabric barndoors and modify its beam angle from 180° to less than 5°
Add Directionality
Add the 45° grid to selectively light subjects while maintaining the PavoTube's diffused light quality
Additional Benefits
  • Rear openings allow the light to be mounted on a stand
  • The light's display is visible
  • These modifiers are also compatible with T12-sized tube lights with a length of approximately 4'