Photoflex CRESCENT 67" Curved Reflector Kit

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Photoflex Crescent 67" Curved Reflector Kit

Made to fill in shadows, especially in portraiture, fashion, and beauty photography, the Crescent 67" Curved Reflector Kit from Photoflex gives you everything you'll need to create distinctive, sophisticated images. Made to be used beneath the subject's face, the kit contains a frame that bows the reflector slightly to illuminate the sides of the face, fill in the shadow under the nose, and give the skin a creamy look with consistent contrast. The frame tilts to obtain the required angle. A white reflector is provided for neutral-colored reflectance, gold for a warm, personal look, and silver for snappy contrast. The frame breaks down into nine pieces to fit with the reflectors, in the included carry bag. Separate purchase of a light stand is required to support the reflector system.