Profoto 100979 Deep Translucent Umbrella, Large (51'').

Profoto 100979 Deep Translucent Umbrella, Large (51'')

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  • Translucent Shoot-Through Design
  • Deep Shape Provides More Precise Control
  • 16 Fiberglass Rods for Rounder Shape
  • Heat-Resistant Materials
  • Surface Treated to Prevent Rust
  • Carrying Bag

The 51" large Deep Translucent Umbrella from Profoto has a translucent design, allowing light to pass through it and create a diffuse light with very soft shadows. The increased depth of this model allows for more precise control over the spread of the light. Also, it features 16 fiberglass rods for a rounder shape and more even light spread.

It is made of heat-resistant materials and the metal elements are surface treated to prevent rust and discoloration. Additionally, this umbrella comes with a fabric carrying bag for travel and storage.