Profoto 100706 Profresnel Spotlight.
Profoto 100706 Profresnel Spotlight.

Profoto 100706 Profresnel Spotlight

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  • Creates a gorgeous movie light
  • Comes with a huge Fresnel lens
  • Optional BarnDoors available
  • Gives more precise light shaping
  • Features Profoto’s unique zoom function
  • Easy light shaping using head
  • Designed to withstand years of professional use

Profoto ProFresnel Spotlight

Provide your subjects with the gorgeous movie light they deserve by using the Profoto ProFresnel Spotlight. It features a large 11-inch Fresnel lens, which has an advanced zoom function for shaping up the light with immense perfection. The horizontal light spread of the ProFresnel spotlight that is ideal for product and fashion photography.