Red Digital Cinema Komodo 6K Camera Starter Pack

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Red Digital Cinema Komodo 6K Camera Starter Pack

The KOMODO 6K Camera Starter Pack from RED DIGITAL CINEMA pairs the lightweight Super35 KOMODO 6K camera with several key accessories. This starter pack includes an RF to EF mechanical lens mount adapter with a variable ND filter, an AC power adapter, a Mini World Travel Adapter Kit, one 512GB card, a card reader, a wing grip, a timecode cable, and a D-Tap to RED power cable.

Electronic control of Canon RF lenses is not supported at this time.


The KOMODO 6K Camera from RED DIGITAL CINEMA offers Super35 pro video recording in a compact body weighing just over 2 lb. The KOMODO 6K features a crisp global shutter, both REDCODE RAW and ProRes recording options, CFast 2.0 capture, a 2.9" touchscreen display, and a BP-9 battery power option. The KOMODO 6K comes bundled with an RF to EF mechanical lens mount adapter, an AC power adapter, and a Mini World Travel Adapter Kit.

RED's versatile REDCODE RAW compression reduces data rates while maintaining visually lossless image rendering. The KOMODO 6K captures REDCODE RAW at rates up to 6K40 and 4K60. The efficient, time-saving REDCODE RAW codec can be edited on many available NLE software programs without transcoding. Apple ProRes recording rates extend to 60 fps in 4K in both 422 HQ and 422, and up to 120 fps in 2K for slo-mo shots. The KOMODO 6K features data capture rates up to 280 MB/s on RED PRO CFast cards and qualified third-party CFast 2.0 cards.

Maintain the KOMODO 6K's compact form by powering it with two lightweight Canon BP-9 batteries, or use a larger battery or the included AC power adapter when capturing long events. The KOMODO 6K's RF-style lens mount can be used with mechanical EF adapters and it offers full lens communication when paired with a compatible EF electronic mount. While not compatible with DSMC or DSMC2 accessories, the KOMODO 6K can be paired with separately available components like an Expander Module, an Outrigger Handle, and a CFast 2.0 card reader.

Electronic control of Canon RF lenses is not supported at this time.


6K S35 Sensor

6K Super35 19.9MP CMOS sensor with a dynamic range of 16+ stops and a resolution of 6144 x 3160

Global Shutter

The KOMODO 6K's global shutter produces crisp images while reducing motion artifacts

Compact Form, Versatile Power

Weighing just over 2 lb, the KOMODO 6K's power options include using two lightweight Canon BP-9 batteries, a larger battery, or an AC power supply

CFast Recording

Capture at rates up to 280 MB/s on RED PRO or qualified third-party CFast 2.0 cards


The robust REDCODE RAW file format offers the versatility without burdensome storage requirements and editing on many NLE systems without transcoding to save time

Apple ProRes Formats

For proxy files or quicker turnaround times than raw files, Apple ProRes can be recorded at 4K and 2K resolutions at rates up to 120 fps (2K)

Color Management

Supports 3D LUTs and RED color science

Touchscreen Display

Integrated 2.9" touchscreen LCD display for video preview and camera control


The CFAST 2.0 Card Reader from RED DIGITAL CINEMA enables you to quickly offload your KOMODO digital cine camera footage. This CFAST 2.0 card reader features a USB Type-C port that operates using a 10 Gb/s, USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard. The CFAST 2.0 Card Reader is Windows, macOS, and Linux compatible.


The 512GB RED PRO CFAST 2.0 Memory Card from RED DIGITAL CINEMA provides reliable recording for the KOMODO digital cine camera. This CFAST 2.0 card features a durable build that is both X-ray and magnet proof.

RED DIGITAL CINEMA EXT-to-Timecode Cable (3')

The EXT-to-Timecode Cable enables you to input timecode to your RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO camera. This cable links to the camera via its 9-pin EXT connector and measures 3' including the connectors.

RED DIGITAL CINEMA D-Tap-to-Power Cable (6')

The D-Tap-to-Power Cable enables you to power your RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO camera from a battery with a D-Tap 7 to 17 VDC output. This cable sports a D-Tap connector on one end and a 2-pin connector on the other, and it measures 6' including the connectors.