Saramonic BLINK500TX Clip-On Digital Bodypak Wireless Transmitter W/Omni Lavalier Microphone (2.4GHz)

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Saramonic BLINK500TX Clip-On Digital Bodypack Wireless Trasmitter W/OMNI Lavalier Microphone (2.4GHz)

Key Features
  • For Blink 500 Wireless Mic Systems
  • Omni Lavalier Mic & Built-In Omni Mic
  • 3.5mm Microphone Input Connector
  • Easy to Use, Plug & Play Operation
  • Lightweight Ultracompact Housing
  • Adjustable Gain via Simple Buttons
  • USB-Rechargeable 5-Hour Battery
  • Includes USB Charging Cable
  • 18 Systems at Once Max, up to 164' Range 

Part of the Saramonic Blink 500 digital wireless system, the Blink 500 TX clip-on bodypack transmitter is available as an individual component to expand your existing setup or have a backup transmitter on hand.

Choose between using the transmitter as a true wireless microphone with its built-in mic element, or as a bodypack transmitter with the supplied clip-on lavalier microphone. Either way, the Blink 500 TX's lightweight and miniature form factor lets you conceal it with ease.

The Blink 500 delivers considerably improved sound quality compared to the built-in mics on cameras and mobile devices while functioning as an ultracompact digital system that provides immediate out-of-the-box operability for anyone, making it ideal for video, podcast, and mobile journalism applications. Once it's plugged in and powered on, it's set and ready so your focus can stay on your content.