Saramonic SRC2005 Right-Angle Male-To-Female Usb Type-C Adapter

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Saramonic SRC2005 Right-Angle Male-To-Female USB Type-C Adapter

The Saramonic SR-C2005 is a 90-degree right-angle USB-C adapter with male-to-female ports. It's as compact as possible which lets you fit USB Type-C cables and connectors into tight spaces, such as in a smartphone that's mounted in a gimbal, or a mobile device that's squeezed in above the dashboard of a vehicle. Measuring only 1.25" (3.2cm) in length and weighing only 0.20oz (5g), the SR-C2005 is your best chance to make it fit.

A must for Smartphones in Handheld Gimbals
When using a Smartphone is Handheld Gimbal, it is impossible to connect a USB-C microphone, power supply, cable or peripheral to it. The SR-C2005 makes this possible. Its sleek and low-profile design lets you connect USB-C devices to the Smartphone, and still gives you plenty of clearance to not get in the way of the gimbal's motor. It allows you to finally get the most out of your Smartphone in a gimbal by attaching the much-needed accessories to maximize your video shooting.

Tight spaces, finally accessible
Whether you trying to work with your laptop in its slim case, mounting a smartphone in a mount on your dashboard, or trying to fit your tablet in a tight space. The SR-C2005 gives you the ability to plug in peripherals, a power supply, or any other USB-C device into those tight previously inaccessible spaces. Finally allowing you to get the most out of your USB-C device, no matter where you need it.