Sennheiser EWDXSK 3-PIN Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter with 3-Pin LEMO Connector (Q1-9: 470 to 550 MHz)

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The Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN is a digital bodypack wireless transmitter compatible with EW-DX wireless receivers. Lightweight and comfortable for performers and presenters to wear, the bodypack features a rugged, all-metal housing well suited for daily use in conference rooms, houses of worship, or on stage.

The EW-DX SK 3-PIN is equipped with a 3-pin LEMO connector that accommodates the compatible lavalier or headset microphone of your choice, or an adapter cable for guitar and bass. With a remarkable 134 dB dynamic range on its input, the transmitter can handle a wide variety of sound sources, including loud vocalists and performers, connections to musical instruments, and even line-level signals from mixers, all without requiring any gain adjustment.

Features at a Glance
  • The EW-DX SK 3-PIN features a mute button that can be locked out and overridden from the receiver or a mobile device during a performance. It quickly pairs with the receiver via Bluetooth at a distance up to 120', at the press of a button.
  • The persistent e-Ink display helps you quickly name and identify the transmitter and allows you to see parameters, even when the unit is powered off.
  • The transmitter provides up to 8 hours of operation on two AA batteries (included) or 12 hours with a BA 70 lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack (available separately). External charging ports allow for in-transmitter charging using the CHG 70N network charging dock (available separately).
  • The EW-DX 3-PIN system utilizes an equidistant tuning grid that equally spaces 3200 frequencies across its wide 80 MHz bandwidth to prevent disruptive intermodulation issues that occur when multiple transmitters operate in confined spaces.
  • The system can be expanded with multiple transmitters and receivers to offer up to 134 channels in equidistant tuning grid mode, and up to 269 channels in Link Density mode.
  • The EW-DX SK 3-PIN is backward-compatible with EW-D receivers.