Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.
Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.
Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.
Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.
Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.
Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod.

Sirui BCT2003 Aluminum Video Tripod

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Sirui BCT2003H20 Aluminum Tripod & BCH-20 Video Head Bundle

The Sirui BCT-2003 Aluminum Tripod & BCH-20 Video Head Bundle features a professional 3-section tripod with a 75mm bowl and a broadcast quality fluid head with a 22 lb payload. The tripod includes a ground spreader and mid-level spreader and offers a 17-63" working height. The head comes with two pan bars and provides stepped counterbalance and 0-3 grades of pan and tilt drag.

Sirui BCT-2003 Professional 3-Section Aluminum Video Tripod with 75mm Bowl

The BCT-2003 Professional 3-Section Aluminum Video Tripod from Sirui features a 75mm bowl for compatible fluid heads and supports up to 22 lb loads. It offers a 17 to 63" height range and comes with ground and mid-level spreaders, both of which are removable. The ground spreader has a rubber underside for safer and more secure placement on flat surfaces. When the ground spreader is removed, dual-spiked feet are revealed for use on soft ground.

The aluminum tripod is designed with multi-tube legs for enhanced stability and reduced vibration. Each leg is adjustable individually and secured with oversized twist leg locks that are easy to handle.

Key Features

75mm bowl
22 lb payload
17 to 63" height range
Removable ground and mid-level spreaders included
Dual-spiked feet
Multi-tube legs
Oversized twist leg locks

Sirui BCH-20 Video Head

For professional video applications, the Sirui BCH-20 Video Head is based off a 75mm ball mount for use on compatible tripod legs or other accessories such as sliders and jibs. Friction adjustment can be applied in 3 steps, with the 0 setting providing nearly-frictionless movement. A 7-step adjustable counterbalance can compensate for cameras weighing up to 22 pounds. The BCH-20 is controlled with dual rosette-mounted pan handles. Both pan handles easily extend for greater leverage when using heavier cameras. Extra camera-mount screws are kept in 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tapped holes on the sides of the head. When vacated, these holes can also be used as accessory mounting points. The calibrated camera platform secures the camera plate with dual locks, preventing the camera from accidentally falling off the head during adjustment. To save time when balancing your camera, the platform is etched with calibrated measurements. Aluminum alloy is used in the construction for durability while maintaining a manageable weight.


3 levels of friction control for panning and tilting, with 0 position for near-frictionless operation
7 levels of counterbalance adjustment
Dual bubble levels: Illuminated base bubble level and second top bubble level
Dual Safety Lock Quick Release Platform: Prevents the camera from sliding off the head while aligning for proper balance
Calibrated Quick Release Platform: Easily reposition your equipment using the etched scale on the platform
Dual telescoping handles
Extra 1/4" and 1/8" screws stored in the integrated threads
Integrated 75mm ball mount
Separate pan and tilt-lock knobs
Quick-release plate included