Sony CEAM960T 960GB CFexpress Type A TOUGH Memory Card

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ffering both strength and speed, the 960GB CFexpress Type A TOUGH Memory Card from Sony provides fast read speeds up to 800 MB/s, write speeds up to 700 MB/s and, thanks to the VPG 200 spec, write speeds are guaranteed to not drop below 200 MB/s. This quick performance benefits recording a variety of video resolutions, bit rates, and compressions, as well as high-resolution continuous raw photo shooting. Beyond its speed, this TOUGH memory card also has a reinforced physical design to withstand drops from up to 24.6' and has been rigidity tested to 150 N of force. It can perform in temperatures ranging from 14 to 158°F and is IP57 rated for dust and water resistance. Offering further protection, File Rescue recovery software can be downloaded for recovering lost or even accidentally deleted files and Media Scan Utility can be used to automatically scan CFexpress cards to inform you of the flash memory condition.

Sony does offer another CFexpress Type A lineup — the CEA-G Series — and, if you're wondering which would be better suited for you, here's some info that will help guide your decision. These new cards — the CEA-M Series — feature minimum sustained write speeds of 200 MB/s, but can withstand drops of up to 24.6' and are rigidity tested up to 150 N. While the CEA-G Series does feature minimum sustained write speeds of 400 MB/s, it can only withstand drops up to 15' and is rigidity tested up to 70 N. So, it comes down to whether you need more speed or more durability.