Sony ECMM1 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone

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Key Features
  • Content Creator, Podcaster, Videographer
  • For Sony Cameras with MI Shoe
  • Advanced Beamforming Technology
  • 8 Selectable Modes/Pickup Patterns
  • 2.8" Compact Design
  • Digital Audio Transmission to Camera
  • Mechanical Noise Suppression
  • Low-Cut Filter and Noise-Cut Filter
  • 4-Channels for Safety Recordings
  • Cable-Free Operation
Featuring an even more compact form factor than its predecessors and four diamond-patterned capsules, the Sony ECM-M1 is a camera-mount digital shotgun microphone designed for creators using Sony cameras equipped with the Multi Interface Shoe needing to switch between interview shooting and social media content all in one device. Internal digital signal processing and advanced beamforming render clear recordings with the ability to toggle noise-cut and low-cut filters. Superdirectional pickup pattern with both front and rear pickup has eight selectable modes for the ultimate recording flexibility.
Eight Selectable Pickup Patterns and Recording Modes
Using an onboard dial control, choose between eight different recording modes, including stereo, to suit different recording scenarios. Because the embedded condensers are laid out in a diamond orientation, the ECM-M1 can isolate the left, right, rear, or front audio sources and record separate channels simultaneously. Selectable modes include superdirectional, unidirectional, omnidirectional, superdirectional (rear), superdirectional (front and rear), super directional (front and rear separate), stereo, and ultra-directional.
Superdirectional and Ultra-Directional: Focused Front Area
Ideal for vlogs or interviews where your subject in front of the camera is the main focus, the superdirectional pattern collects sound from a focused area in front of the microphone, effectively suppressing sounds from off-axis and behind the camera. Choose between front and rear superdirectional orientations. Ultra-directional compresses this area even further for a more limited pickup range.
Unidirectional: Wide Frontal Range
Perfect for multi-person conversations, the unidirectional pattern captures sound from a wide field in front of the microphone, while minimizing pickup from behind.