Tascam US42B Ministudio Creator Podcast Studio (Black)

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Tascam US42B Mini Studio Creator Podcast Studio (Black)

With its preset modes for fast setup, and intuitive controls for straightforward operation, the black Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B is made for beginner and intermediate podcasters, gamers, and content creators looking to make their audio productions stand out on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and elsewhere in the online universe. This tabletop solution combines simple hardware with user-friendly software, putting all the essential tools for podcasting, live streaming, karaoke, and broadcasting right at your fingertips in a versatile interface that plugs into your Mac or Windows computer via USB. What's more, with a flick of its Creator switch, the US-42B becomes a powerful audio interface—allowing you to record vocals and instruments to your computer with studio-quality results.

The MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B is streamlined to have first-time users up and broadcasting a two-person podcast in minutes. It features inputs for connecting just about any kind of microphone or instrument to record you and your guest with a clean, professional sound, and has two headphone jacks that let both the host and the guest hear themselves clearly. The US-42B allows you to create a polished and fully produced podcast on the fly without having to focus on engineering. Easy-to-reach controls and effect pads let you adjust levels, add reverb, instantly transform your voice, and even trigger fun sound effects like applause, air horns, or music. Hook up your favorite mics and headphones, and you're ready to hit the On Air button and start the show.

Turn Online into Showtime

This USB audio interface is designed for easy personal broadcasting with audio effects. The US-42B allows the simultaneous use of two mics and has switchable modes that support personal broadcasting and production applications, enabling anyone to broadcast their programs to the world.

Add Audio Effects to Engage Listeners

Even with personal broadcasting, audiences become bored with plain streamed video and audio. Skillful use of sound and video is necessary to raise the professionalism of your programs and increase your number of fans. With a US-42B, you can achieve sound with higher clarity and use special sound effects. The PON trigger function can be used to play clapping and cheering sounds like on a TV program, and the voice effects can also be used to entertain the audience.


The unit has three PON trigger pads. You can press a PON pad to play the sound effect or other audio file assigned to it. You can use the dedicated computer software to assign the desired WAV/MP3 audio files to the PON trigger pads by dragging and dropping them. Note that the PON trigger pads cannot be used when connected to an iOS device.

Use Mics for You and a Guest

The appearance of guests is standard on popular programs. On talk shows that invite guests, you can use separate condenser mics for the host and the guest, and provide clearer sound to the audience. Using the built-in voice effects and audio adjustment functions, you can make different settings for each person to make the quality level of your program even higher. Technically, you can also bring in a remote call-in guest by connecting a cell phone's output to the aux input. However, that caller won't hear your music or sound effects, and there is no mix-minus function to inhibit voice loopback.


You can use the unit's internal voice effects to change mic input sounds by turning the effect button on. You can choose from five types of voice effects according to the purpose for your program. Reverb effects add spatial sound and are useful when broadcasting performances with singing and guitars for example. Turn the knob to add reverb to the input signals. You can change the reverb type and settings using the dedicated software.

Broadcast Your Own Singing and Playing

Personal broadcasting of instrument performances and individual singing are also popular contents on the Internet. You can connect a guitar and mic to a US-42B, apply a reverb effect, and start broadcasting right away. Learn to use the built-in equalizer and compressor for high-quality audio that is like the work of a pro.

Easy Karaoke

Connect an iPod or a smartphone to the external input jack and sing along with existing recordings to deliver quality karaoke to the world. Increasing the number of fans that come to your in-person live performances is not a dream if your online content becomes popular when you respond to audience's requests.

Create Content Anywhere

When you need material for your next program, hang the US-42B around your neck, and head to the world outside. Sit on a bench, open your computer, and connect to the Internet. Just connect the US-42B by USB, and you are ready. Since an iPhone connection is also supported, you can put together a mobile broadcasting system that is even more compact.