Westcott 2021 White Satin Umbrella W/Removable Black Cover, 60''

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Westcott 2021 White Satin Umbrella W/Removable Black Cover, 60"

This is a 60" White Satin Umbrella with Removal Black Cover. Umbrellas soften, broaden, and diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source. Umbrellas with a white interior will soften and weaken light more than an umbrella with a silver lining. A white umbrella without a black backing may also be used as a makeshift softbox, although the use of the light will not be as efficient as with a lightbox.

Choosing umbrella size is determined by the size of the subject, and the strength of the light supply being used. Choosing an umbrella surface is as subjective as choosing a paint and brush.

Westcott umbrellas are measured tip to tip across the arch of the umbrella.

Westcott umbrellas are rated safe for use with hot lights up to 1000 Watts.
This size is perfect for a 3 person full length shot, or a 4x8 size still-life setup