Westcott 4724 Snoot W/Honeycomb Grid (Bowens/Godox Mount)

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Westcott 4724 Snoot W/Honeycomb Grid (Bowens/Godox Mount)

A light modifier duo that's ideal for light control, the Snoot with Honeycomb Grid from Westcott narrows your light source's beam spread while eliminating spill and enabling selective lighting. Using the snoot alone, the light is narrowed into a soft-edged circle, the diameter of which gets wider as you move further away and conversely, smaller as you move it closer. Snap in the included 60-degree grid for greater control of what is illuminated on your set and what isn't. Great for hair or accent light use, the snoot has a Bowens/Godox mount that can be used on Wescott lights or those from the many manufacturers who employ this popular mount.

Focus Your Light

This durable, all-metal snoot creates a direct, hard beam of light with high contrast for photography and video applications. It renders light into a narrow, soft-edged circle. This snoot is ideal for creative effects on backgrounds or for use as a hair or accent light

Removable Honeycomb Grid

The included 60-degree snap-in honeycomb grid offers even further light control for precisely directing where the light falls on your subject or scene. This grid also enables selective lighting of areas of your subject. The size of the projected circle of light depends on its distance from your subject

Uncompromising Light Control

Honeycomb grids are made up of cells that control off-axis light in 6 directions. By focusing light through a grid, you eliminate both light spill and lens flare simultaneously for precise illumination

Versatile Modifier for the FJ400 and Other Bowens-Mount Lights

This durable, all-metal accessory set is equipped with a Bowens S-type mount. It is compatible with any Bowens-mount light, including the popular Westcott FJ400 strobe