Westcott 3771 Lunagrip Kit.

Westcott 3771 Lunagrip Kit

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Westcott 3771 Lunagrip Kit

  • Quickly provides beautiful soft light
  • Compact speedlight handle attaches 40″ diffuser
  • Creates a large softbox-quality light source
  • Makes beautiful round catchlights
  • Easily hold with one hand or mount to a light stand
  • Sets up quickly and disassembles for compact storage
  • Adjustable light quality with speedlight zoom setting
  • Kit includes a Westcott 40″ 5-in-1 reflector
  • Doubles as a reflector holder

Meet Kevin Kubota

Inspired by his father’s interest in photography, Kevin Kubota took up the art of portraiture over 30 years ago and has since won a variety of industry awards. This Hawaii-raised, Oregon-based photographer shares his experiences with budding photographers around the world through interactive, in-depth, and award-winning workshops. In 2015, Kevin designed the LunaGrip to further assist photographers in capturing awesome images.