FujiFilm: An overview

FujiFilm: An overview of the company and products we carry

FujiFilm is a brand that needs no introduction. Numerous amateur and professional photographers/filmmakers around the world prefer the products of this brand because of the quality, reliability, and outstanding results they offer. If you are looking to buy photography products, then look no further than FujiFilm.

Company Overview

Japan’s pioneering photographic film maker brand FujiFilm emerged in 1934 and ever since it has leveraged its imaging and information technology and became the world-leader in the photography industry. FujiFilm’s global presence is well-known for innovation in graphic arts, healthcare, optical devices, and other high-tech areas. Professionals in various fields, from printing to medicine, use FujiFilm products to strengthen competitiveness and win satisfied customers.

The following are some of the FujiFilm products we carry:

Digital Cameras

FujiFilm is well-known for their award-winning range of cameras that are suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. We carry a wide range of digital cameras. Some of the products we carry include the following:

  • GFX: FujiFilm’s GFX series of digital cameras is renowned for producing outstanding photographic image quality. This is due to the combination of a large CMOS sensor and image design technology. We carry GFX mirrorless digital cameras such as FUJIFILM GFX 50S and FUJIFILM GFX 50R. We also carry G Mount Prime Lenses such as GF23mmF4 R LM WR, GF45mmF2.8 R WR, GF63mmF2.8 R W, etc.
  • X FujiFilm: X FujiFilm is another digital camera series that combines cutting edge innovative technology with traditional styling. The products we carry from this line-up include X mirrorless digital cameras like FujiFilm X-H1, FujiFilm X-Pro2, FujiFilm X-T3, etc.
  • FinePix: FinePix digital camera series of FujiFilm contains different camera models from point-and-shoot compact cameras to long-zoom models. From this line-up, we carry several popular models such as FinePix XP130, FinePix XP120, and more.
  • Accessories: We also carry a wide range of FujiFilm digital camera accessories including mount adapter, flash, vertical grip, batteries, and more.

Films & Cameras

This is another area where FujiFilm excels. The brand offers wide range of film and camera products that are suitable for both enthusiast and professional filmmakers. We carry the following FujiFilm products in films and cameras category:

  • Films: The film products of FujiFilm deliver awe-inspiring color, whether in the studio or on holiday. They are ideal for making transparencies or slides. There are a wide range of FujiFilm film products we carry. These include both color reversal films and color negative films.
  • QuickSnap (Single-Use Cameras): We also carry QuickSnap (Single-Use Cameras) products like QuickSnap Superia and QuickSnap Marine.
  • Instant Photo System: FujiFilm’s Instant Photo System allows you to shoot and instantly see the results. The Instant Photo System products we carry include Instax Cameras, Instax Printers, and Instax Films.


FujiFilm manufactures state-of-the-art binoculars that offer high optical performance and reliability, from large binoculars to image-stabilizing binoculars, high-grade models for professional users, waterproof marine binoculars, durable and lightweight, and compact binoculars that are portable and easy to carry. When it comes to FujiFilm binoculars, we have them all, from FMT Series to MARINER Series, MT Series, and more. If you are interested in purchasing FujiFilm binoculars please note the they are special order items. Contact our specialist at 305-717-0902 for all special order items.

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