Westcott Lighting: An Overview

Westcott Lighting: An Overview of the Company and Products We Carry

Lighting is the key element of photography, whether it is causal photography or professional. For all professional photographers, it is crucial that they have different modes of light so that better shots are captured. Photography lighting equipment is extremely helpful in this regard. If you are looking to buy quality photography lighting equipment, then it is highly recommended that you consider buying Westcott lighting products as this brand is the industry-leading producer of photo and video lighting equipment.

Company Overview

Westcott is the industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative photography lighting products. They have been in the business since 1899 and have over 600 products. The products Westcott manufactures are high-end and durable. They are suitable for professional photographers and filmmakers across the globe.

The following are some of the Westcott Lighting products we carry:


Westcott offers versatile lighting solutions for filmmaking and photography. We carry the following products in this category:

  • Flex Cine: Flex Cine is a full-fledged lighting system that features LED mats, V-mount power, wireless DMX dimmer, and wide variety of LED modifiers.
  • Solix: Solix is a powerful and compact LED monolight that operates on both AC and DC power and emits high-quality daylight output. You can use it with virtually any softbox.
  • Ice Light 2: Ice Light 2 is a high-quality handheld LED light source that offers stunning daylight-balanced lighting that is ideal for on-the-go filmmakers and photographers.

Apart from these, we also carry fluorescent and tungsten lighting products i.e. Spiderlite TD6, D5, uLite, and more.

Light Modifiers

Westcott specializes in manufacturing high-quality umbrellas and softboxes for every style of light. We carry the following products in this category:

  • Rapid Box Switch: This is the world’s fastest softbox. You can use it with virtually any monolight, speedlight, or strobe.
  • Studio Softboxes: We carry the latest Octabank and Stripbank softboxes from Westcott that are equipped with a wide variety of unmatched features to give you the stunning lighting that you have been looking for.
  • Umbrella Softboxes: The Halo and the Apollo are two of the Westcott’s best-selling line of studio light modifiers. They are designed with an umbrella-style frame and are quick when it comes to assembly and disassembly.

Apart from these, we also carry many other light modifier products like Pocket Box Speedlite Softboxes, Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softboxes, and more.

Light Controls

Westcott’s light control products include various types of diffusers and reflectors. We carry the following products in this category:

  • Collapsible Reflectors: This is a must-have tool for every photographer who wants to block, reflect, or diffuse light. Collapsible reflectors from Westcott are travel-friendly and available in a variety of sizes and fabrics.
  • Modular Reflectors: These reflectors give you the ability to build whatever type of tool you need e.g. diffusers, floppies, blocks, nets, and reflectors in wide range of sizes.

Accessories and Parts

Westcott’s lighting accessories allow you to keep your photography and filmmaking gear protected, positioned, and running properly. When it comes to accessories and parts, we carry products such as mounts and clamps, travel lighter with weight bag, stands and arms, batteries and cables, cases and storage, lamps and tubes, and more.


We carry a wide variety of Westcott backdrops that allow you to set the scene for outstanding portraits. The products we carry include the X-Drop Backdrop System, Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops, Green and Blue Screen Backdrops, Vinyl and Canvas Backdrops, and more.

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